What Is A Domain? | YavBro Blogging

What Is A Domain? | YavBro Blogging

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What Is A Domain
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What is a domain – a domain is an extension that appears after a website for example yavbroblogging.com in that .com is a domain and yavbroblogging.com is a domain name. Let’s understand a little more about this, users go directly to your website by typing your domain in their browser to go to your website.

You all must know that every website domain has an IP address (Example 105 .22 .243 .0) similarly every site has an IP address and this IP address is very helpful to finding anyone’s website.

Difference Between Domain Name And Url?

url which everyone also called web address, the only difference between a url and a domain is that after a domain name there is only one extension example – .com, .in, .org, etc.

There are many such types of domains, but in a URL, https:// comes with the domain name and this is a protocol that comes at the start of every website URL.

For example – https://www.yavbroblogging.com/blog this is a url in which https which is a protocol then followed by domain name then followed by the path of a website page, all these things combine to form a web page URL.

Who Manages Your Domain Names?

The registrar handles all the domain names, meaning that you have to buy your domain extension from anywhere, that company has a domain registrar and the one who handles the domain names and they send you notifications about your domain.

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