What Is A Blog Post – Learn Perfect Structure

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What is a blog post
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So hello everyone thanks for landing this page In today’s article we will know what is a blog post and the perfect structure. If you are a blogger or are thinking of starting a blog, then all of you should know how important a role a blog post plays in a blog. But before writing a blog post, we need to know many important things which help to rank the blog post in many other search engines like Google for example seo (Search Engine Optimization) and types of seo.

So let’s start reading but first of all, know the definition of the blog posts.

Definition Of Blog Post

In Simple Words, a blog post is an article which gives you information with the help of text, images, videos, etc.

Perfect Blog Post Structure

In this guide, you will have to follow my strategies and if you implement my strategies in your blog then you will get many benefits.

Optimize your post according to this image.


Always write the heading thoughtfully in your post because it is the heading that attracts the users to your post, if your heading is not correct then you will lose the attention of the users and then the users will not click on your post. That’s why always create an attractive heading in your post and if possible, use best, top, these words in your title because these words are very attractive and one main thing you must use your main keyword in your heading. So that search engines and users can understand what your article is about.

Featured Image

Always use images in your content so that users do not get bored while reading your post.


In the introduction, you should always tell about your post that you are going to cover which topics in your article so that the users can understand it better and use your main keyword at least once in the 1st paragraph of your introduction. Because by doing this there is a good signal in the eyes of search engines and the boat of search engines understands on which topic your article is.

Main Content

The main content is the main part of your post and after reading this content, users decide whether it will come again on your blog or not, so always you write your content by looking at your title, which means your query in your title. You have to give the answer of the same query in your content and to rank in Google, write the length of your content in at least 1500 plus words so that you can rank quickly in Google.


Many people write their post long and wide and then users get bored while reading it, so users stop reading that blog and then move to other blog, so always use sub-heading after headings in their blog. Use it so that your content is divided into parts and easy to read, but always make sub-headings in the same topic as your main heading.

For example:

main heading is – what is mobile
sub-heading – how to use mobile

Bolded Text

Bold text is also very important in your article because when crawlers come to index your post, they do not understand what is written in your article, so they analyze the highlighted text in your content and then index it. So use bold text in your content so that the main points of your content are highlighted.


Although videos are not necessary for your article, but if you still include videos in your posts, then it becomes a next-level content, which means 100% useful content, but always put videos on topics similar to your content.


Finally, you have to write the conclusions in your article because this is also very important because many readers miss the main points, then you have to cover those main points in this paragraph.

Publish Date

The publish date is also not necessary for your content, but I will suggest you to put it in your article so that the users will know which is the most recent post in your blog.

Author Name

You must give the name of the author in your content, means whoever has written that article, you must give the name of the person so that people know you and this will make people start trusting you.


I suggest you that while writing your content, you must put categories in it so that the search engines can understand on which category the post is based and the category tag divides all your posts according to different categories. And all the things are very important for your seo, then definitely do it in your blog.

Social Share Buttons

Keep in mind that you use popular social share buttons in your blog so that people can easily share your post and it is necessary to put a social share button because this promotes your blog on different social platforms and this is very important for you. because this will boost the traffic on your post and the popularity of your blog will increase among the people.

Comments Section

The comment section is very important for your blog because it is the place where users comment for your blog.

Users comment their ideas in the comment section and tell that now give provide us an article on this topic, then there is an advantage for you that you do not have to find any type of idea and then after the users read your post they do comment.

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Hello everyone, now I think you have understood today’s topic very well, in today’s topic I told you what is a blog post and the perfect structure of a blog post. So now it’s your turn implement my strategies in your post for the good results.

Best of luck…

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