Learn Different 5 Types Of SEO

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There are many types of seo which work according to their different algorithms. Some seo are also good and some are useless which have negative effects in the ranking system of our website. So hello guy’s thank you for landing this page. In today’s article, we will learn about the types of seo and seo (search engine optimization). what is the role of all these and how many types of seo are used in search engines from crawling a website to indexing.

So let’s start reading this post without wasting any more time.

Today we will learn about five types of seo.

  1. On-page seo
  2. Off-page seo
  3. Technical seo
  4. White hat seo
  5. Black hat seo

Learn Basic Types Of Seo

On-Page Seo

By doing on-page SEO, the content in our web pages performs well in Google’s ranking factors and easily ranks in Google SERP (Search Engines Result Page). Then the visitors who come to our blogs or websites, then we get 50% to 60% organic traffic. But this depends on the strategy of doing your on-page seo that you have put your keywords well in your post and have given proper meta tag so that search engines can easily understand on which topic your post is.

Still don’t understand, no problem, let’s understand it in a little more simple way.

On-page SEO is also known as on-site SEO, and this process optimizes your content so that it ranks well, On-page SEO optimizes your content in many ways like title, meta tags, internal links, outbound links, etc.

Off-Page Seo

Off-page seo is very difficult for beginners because off-page seo is a process that works to send signals and tells search engines to go to this website, there is good content here. It is difficult for the beginners because there is no authority of the blog of beginners in starting and their website is also not very popular, so no one gives backlinks to new blog early.

Technical Seo

Technical seo has a huge role in indexing a site, because no matter how many posts you have on your blog, if you do not do technical seo in your own site, then your post will not be indexed in Google. That’s why bloggers make a sitemap so that Google’s bots come and start indexing our pages.

White Hat Seo

White hat seo is very good and very effective for your content. Because bloggers who follow Google’s guidelines and write their content accordingly. So as you all know that Google keeps making changes in its algorithm. So those who do not optimize their content according to the guidelines of Google, then they have to bear a lot of loss. That’s why you should always follow Google Guidelines so that in the future, anytime Google changes its algorithm. There will be no negative impact on your site and neither will your ranking go down.

Black Hat Seo

Just now I told you about the white hat seo, it had positive techniques but the black hat seo has Opposites which is not good for your website at all. for information read this black hat seo.


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