What Is Search Engine - By YavBro

What Is Search Engine – By YavBro

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What Is Search Engine

Hello everyone thank you come to this page today we will learn about search engine what is this and how it works.

So let’s started

What is Search Engine

Search engines is a software that helps people to find different queries on the Internet, although there are many types of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But all these programs work only on seo search engines optimization.

YavBro Explain – How Search Engines Work

Programs like Google have a variety of factors that help rank a blog or website in the Google SERP (Search Engines Result Page).

Keep reading this post, I will tell you about all the factors that help in ranking web pages.

So let’s begin…

First of all, each search engine has its own crawler which indexes all the websites in the world wide web or if it is not indexed, then the Google bot crawls all of them and sends the information of those websites to index.

Before indexing, Google bots check that post well whether it is seo friendly or not and mobile friendly or not, after checking all ranking factors, Google indexes that web page in serp.

After the web page is indexed, you make your position in google serp according to your on-page SEO.

Even after seo many factors google follow like high quality content and many more then your website or web page ranks at number one position in serp.

Even after doing seo, Google follows many factors such as high quality content and many more factors are applicable in doing it, if your posts are passed by all the factors of Google, then only after that your website or web page ranks at number one position in serp.

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Now you guys have come to know about search engine very well, how search engines work, I hope you people have understood well if still, some people have not understood, then once again this post read.

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