Pro Blogger Strategies on How to Write Your First Blog Post

Pro Blogger Strategies on How to Write Your First Blog Post

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Hello everyone, you people are still searching on the internet how to write a good blog post, so don’t worry, you people have unknowingly come to the right place while searching, I will tell you today how to write your first blog post, even if it is be it in blogger or in wordpress, just keep reading this guide step by step.

But to write a post, you must have a blog in which you will publish your articles, whether you create your blog on blogger or on wordPress or on any other platforms.

If you want to create a blog for free and do not want to spend a single rupee from your pocket, then I will suggest you to create your blog on blogger.

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But if you want your blog to rank quickly in the search engines and you can also start earning your earnings quickly, then i will suggest you to create your blog on WordPress itself, because is a very popular platform for blogging.

One more thing there is no limitation in it which is seen in other blogging platforms. But to start your blog on this platform, you have to buy a hosting so that your blog runs fast and smooth.

Do not take tension, you will not have to buy hosting and domain separately, I give you an offer in which you just have to buy a hosting and with that you get the domain you want for free.

I hope that you have set up your own blog, so now let’s know how to write seo friendly blog posts, but before that let me tell you what is a blog post is.

What Is A Blog Post

A blog post is an article that gives you knowledge about different topics.

How To Write & Publish Your First Blog Post

How to Write Your First Blog Post, how to write your first blog post example, how to write your first blog post on wordpress, first blog post titles, first blog posts of famous bloggers, how to introduce yourself in your first blog, how to write a blog, how to write & publish your first blog post in wordpress

Many people waste their time thinking that how to write a good post, how to optimize the post, many such questions people keep thinking and waste their time but you should not make such mistake, read this article well. So that after reading this post you do not have to do any further research.

So let’s begin

First Introduce Yourself

You all must have read many blog posts, but if you have paid attention to that post, then you must have seen one thing common in all blog articles, the first paragraph which is also called introduction and in this first paragraph many beginners make mistakes, they only tell a small summary about the post, but you do not have to do this, you have to tell about yourself in that first paragraph.

Wait, wait is not such that you start telling your full story, you have to tell some points about yourself like why you are blogging and since when and your name.

I think now you people must be thinking that why you have to give your introduction, then you are thinking wrong because no one knows all the beginners in the online world and anyway you go to any field, you have to identify yourself you have to make it, then people start trusting you.

I think you still have some doubts in your mind, so don’t worry, I will tell you in a little more detail how to write a perfect introduction in a blog post.

How To Write A Perfect Introduction In A Blog Post

I told you some main points that what you have to tell about yourself in the first paragraph, after writing about yourself in your post, write a small summary about your topic, in which what you are going to tell in your article. Write it and keep in mind that you do not make any spelling mistakes in it and the grammar should not be wrong either.

If your grammar is not correct and if your spellings also go wrong, then, I will suggest you to install a grammarly extension in your internet browser, and if possible then buy the pro version of this program in which your spelling and grammar will be correct.

Now I think you all must have understood how to write an introduction in a blog post.

Your Voice?

The most important thing in a blog article is the voice which easily explains to the users on which topic that article is. But many beginners bloggers do not put their voice in their blog posts, due to which the language and words of their article become very difficult, and then the users do not understand that article.

That’s why I would suggest that whenever you write any article of yours, then write it in your voice so that while reading the users it does not look like they are reading a book. It is important to put voice in your post because you all know that no one likes to read at this time because there is no interest while reading those books.

So you should try that whenever the users read your post, they It seems that the words in your articles are talking to them.

If you learn to get your voice into your article, then the bounce rate of your blog will decrease and the ranking of your blog will start increasing in many other search engines like google.

Right Way To Write Content

I hope that you have understood what I have told you earlier, so now let’s talk about the content, how to write the content so that it ranks in the search engines.

Writing content is not a very difficult task as new bloggers think and they keep doing research everywhere that how to write your first blog post in blogger and wordpress. But let me tell you that there is only one way to write content, which every expert blogger does before writing his post. So let me tell you which way it is.

Research is the only way that makes a content unique and gets ranked easily in search engines.

Now you people might be thinking that we do keyword research before writing a post, but let me tell you that I am not talking about keyword research, I am talking about content research which is very important to write a blog post.

Content research is very important to write an article because by doing research, bloggers get the idea of what to write in their content so that it becomes a unique content and proves to be helpful for the users.

Many new bloggers must be thinking that how to do content research for your article, you just keep reading this blog post till the end so that you can understand all the techniques and strategies.

So, let’s talk about content research.

How To Do Content Reseach

There is only one way to do content research, you just have to do reading, that means you have to read your competitors’ blog posts well, you have to see how your competitor writes his article, and then you have to analyze that post, meaning you have to read his blog post.

In the post, you have to see which words and keywords using your competitor to write a blog post, after that you will get the idea of what to write in your post and what not to write.

How To Do Keyword Research

I hope you understand, but keyword research is also important after content research, so let me tell you a little about keyword research.

By doing content research, you must have got the idea that you have to cover which topics in your content, if you have done everything, then now you will also have to do keyword research for those topics so that your blog posts rank quickly in google.

If you are a beginner then I will tell you some main points if you follow that point then your blog post will index quickly and will rank quickly.

  • Find low commpetion keywords
  • Use helping keywords
  • Find words related with your keywords

These 3 points are very important and i use these 3 points personally, I will suggest you that you should always keep these 3 points in mind and implement them in your blog post, and for good results, you will need a good keyword finder tool, so I suggest you to use semrush keyword magic tool.

Note – Now you have understood how to write content, but one more important thing is to always keep the length of your content more than your competitor so that your blog post passes the ranking factors and ranks well. Always write your content in simple words in more than 1500 words and do keyword placement well and don’t do keyword stuffing at all.

Now that you have learned the right way to write a unique content and a seo friendly content, so let’s talk about images and videos.

Use Images And Videos In Your Blog Post

Many people write content of 3000 or 4000 words and make it live in search engines, but by doing this the blog post does not rank, but still many times such blog posts start to rank on the first page but it does not rank for a long time. Because the attraction of the users on that post is not good, so always use images and videos in your post so that if users come to your post, they do not get bored and do not go from your blog page.

Using images and videos will bring good user impressions to your blog posts and also reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

Link Your Social pages With You Blog

Always add your social accounts or social pages to your blog so that users can know more about you and always upload your posts to all your social accounts to build a brand and connect with your new audience.

By adding social pages, you get many benefits, but the biggest benefit is that if a new users from social media or anywhere comes to your blog post and after reading your post, if shares your post, then your clicks on blog posts get increase and your ranking is also maintained.


Congratulations, now you have learned how to write your first blog post content, if you still have any doubts, then definitely tell in the comment section below and share this post so that I can get motivation so that I can write a post for you people.

Now it’s your turn to write a blog post and make it live, I hope you are ready to write your first blog post.

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