Learn How To Optimize Blog Posts For Seo

Learn How To Optimize Blog Posts For Seo

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how to optimize blog posts or seo

Hello everyone, I hope after reading this post you learn everything about how to optimize blog posts for SEO. So as you all know how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to rank a post in many search engines like google. But the people who are new to blogging make the biggest mistake that they do not optimize their blog post and they publish it without optimization.

After the page is published in google then google indexes that page but does not rank because this type of content is a low quality content that google will never rank in the search engine result pages (serp).

If you want to learn what is seo then click the read more.

So let’s start, just read this post thoroughly and till the end because in this post, I will clear all the questions going on in your mind regarding your blog post optimization.

Why Blog Post Optimization Important For Seo

Most of the people think that by writing and publishing a blog post, their post will get ranked in google but let me tell you that you people think wrong. Seo optimization is very important, whether it is your blog or your youtube channel.

To make a post seo friendly, you many steps have to be followed and there are many such things that you have to keep in mind so that there is no seo error in your post.

So let’s know which are those steps.

  • Do keyword research about your content
  • Use related keywords in your content
  • Use a unique and attractive title
  • Write a good and unique content
  • Do internal and external linking in your post
  • Use images and videos in your posts
  • Add meta description to your post
  • Use categories and tags in your posts

So let us now understand these points one by one.

Do Keyword Research About Your Content

Many people make mistakes in writing their posts that they start writing on any topic and they do not research about that topic nor find keywords of that topic.

So you people do not make the mistake of others, always research keywords for your topic in advance.

Doing keyword research in advance will make it easier for you to write articles and your written article will start ranking on your targeted keywords, and by finding keywords, you get many topics on which you can write your post later, all pro bloggers do the same.

If you are a beginner then I will suggest you to use google keyword planner to do keyword research, it will be right for you in starting.

Use Related Keywords In Your Content

Many people do not understand what are the related keywords and where do they use them. So you guys must read this topic completely.

We use keywords in 2 ways, one in the heading in which the main keyword comes and the other sub-heading in which the helping keywords means (related keywords) come.

For example.

  1. What is the cake (this is your main keyword).
  2. How to make a cake (this is your related keyword).

So in the same way, while writing your content, use helping keywords after your main keyword so that your content becomes a high-quality content and ranks easily in google.

Use A Unique And Attractive Title

The title is very important for your post because there is only one title that brings users to your post, but many people do not write the title correctly and this is a big reason that users do not click on your post.

That’s why you should always write a unique title and try to cover the query that is being searched more on the internet, and you must optimize your title so that the search engines’ bots when indexing your post then they should understand what your post is about.

Now you must be thinking that how to optimize the title, so do not take tension, just keep reading this post. First of all, you write a unique title and then use your main keyword in it so that your title becomes seo friendly title.

Write A Good And Unique Content

To write a good article, you must first do research about your article so that you can write a unique article.

While writing the article, try to answer all the questions of your users in it so that your content becomes a value content, and always write your article of 1500 to 2000 words so that it is easy for your post to be ranked in google.

Do Internal And External Linking In Your Post

Always give links inside your post so that your post can give more value to the users but many people don’t do this which is their biggest mistake.

Now you people must be thinking that we will give links but what are internal and external links. Don’t think too much, I’ll tell you.

Internal links – In which you link your old posts to your new posts with the help of links.

External links – In this, you link other websites’ posts to your blog’s posts so that your content can give value to the users.

Use Images And Videos In Your Posts

Always use images and videos to explain the users well because one image alone can explain your entire paragraph and your video can easily explain your entire post. Well the video is not very important but it is very important to have images in your post.

Images can become a huge source of traffic to your posts, now you must be wondering how, so let me tell you that images are ranked in google images and many users come there to find images. By clicking on the image, users go to the post, if your image is also ranked, then users can come directly to your post, and that too in an organic way.

Add Meta Description To Your Post

A meta description is a short summary of your post, which by reading it shows what your post is about and what you are telling in it. But many people do not give meta description in their post, but yavbro suggests you that whenever you write a post, then definitely give meta description in it. Because whenever the bots of the search engines crawl your website, they analyze your meta description after the title.

Use Categories And Tags In Your Posts

Always use tags in your posts so that search engine bots can easily understand which topic you want to rank your post in serp. Make sure you also use categories so that whenever users come to your homepage, they can easily find the post.


Now all of you have understood very well how to optimize the post, but if you still have any doubt in your mind, then definitely read this post once again so that you can understand it better.

how to optimize blog posts for seo This was our topic today, if you liked this topic, do not forget to share it, and do tell your suggestions by going to the comment section below.

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