How To Create A Post In Blogger

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How To Create A Post In Blogger

Hello everyone, if you guys also want to write your blog post and want to know how to create a post in blogger then definitely read this post till the end, in this article I will tell you how to write your first post in your blog.

To write a post, you must have a blog, if you want to open a free blog, then definitely read this post: How To Create A Blog On Blogger – Step By Step Full Guide

So, let’s start this topic but before that, let’s know what the blog post is.

What Is Blog Post

A blog post is a form of newspaper and a magazine in a way that gives information about different topics to the people.

So let’s start discussing these points.

How To Write Your First blog Post

To write a blog post, you have to take care of some steps because these steps are very important to write a post.

So let’s know about those steps.

  • Topic research
  • Write unique content
  • Include images in your post
  • Use links to make your content usefull

Now I think you must have got the idea by looking at these points that what should be in a post.

So let’s understand about these points in a little depth.

Topic Research

To write a good blog post, you first have to do topic research for your article and that is also a very important part of writing a post. To do topic research, you can use the google search engine, you search your keyword in it and then google itself will tell you the trending topics in SERP (search engine result page).

Something like this.

how to create a blog post in blogger

Now after doing the topic research, now we know about the second step.

Write Unique Content

Before writing a post, you should also take information about all headings and sub-headings that you are going to use in your article so that your article becomes a high quality content and try to write your article unique so that it contains no copyright problem.

One more thing, whenever you write your blog post, try that you write from 1500 to 2000 words so that your post ranks easily in Google.

Include Images In Your Post

After writing your article, you must use images in your post, at least 3 to 4 images must be used in your post so that users do not get bored in reading your post and they can easily understand your post.

Use Links To Make Your Content Usefull

After writing your post and adding images, link your few lines or few words from your own post and also from other popular websites. So that if the user comes to your page, he does not need to go to any other page. He goes to that website by clicking on your given link directly.

linking is very important in your post because adding links in your post is a very good signal in the eyes of seo (search engine optimization).

If you want to know how to write seo friendly blog structure, then read this post completely: What Is A Blog Post – Learn Perfect Structure.


Good news for all of you, now you all know how to create a post in blogger, if you still have any doubt in your mind that how to create a blog post in blogger then. I suggest you to read this article again so that you understand better and if you all liked this article, then definitely share it and tell your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for reading this article.

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