How To Create A Blog On Blogger - Learn Step By Step

How To Create A Blog On Blogger – Learn Step By Step

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How To Create A Blog On Blogger
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Those who have decided to start their own blog in 2021, it is very good for all of you because this time blog is very popular and many people are earning a good money by starting their own blog, so now it is your turn. To start a blog and earn money, if you do not know how to create a blog on blogger then read this article completely.

So hello, everyone, I hope you guys will be very excited to read this post and you should be because in today’s post you will know what is blogger and how you guys can start your blog in blogger.

Before starting, I would like to remind you that if you have not read the old posts of our yavbro blogging yet, then after reading this post, definitely read the old post.

So let’s begin…

What Is A Blogger

Blogger is a platform of google itself in which you can create a free blog in which you get the extension under your brand name for example – ( This extension is also very popular but if you want to build a brand and earn money for long term then i will suggest you to buy a custom domain.

Some good deals for your new domain are available here.

Why Should You Start A Blog

Blogging is such a platform that if you do it seriously then you can get everything that big people have like money, fame, network, and many more things, but today I will tell you the most important thing that we will finally blog why should you start.

  • By starting blogging, first of all, you teach yourself many new things and develop many skills inside you and you also know how important it is to build skills inside yourself to be successful in life.
  • By blogging, you can earn a good amount of money with the help of adsense and you can also earn money from affiliate marketing, although there are many other ways to earn money from blogs, but these two ways are more popular.
  • By starting a blog, you are your own boss, there is no pressure on you, you can work whenever you want.

So now I think you all must have understood why you should start a blog.

So let me now tell you all the advantages of starting a blog in Blogger.

What Are The Benifits Of Starting A Blog In Blogger

There are many benefits to blogger, which I will tell you in points.

  • It is very easy to start a blog in Blogger.
  • Blogger is a free platform for blogging.
  • In Blogger, you get an SSL certificate for a lifetime, which is absolutely free, you just have to turn on HTTPS in the settings of your blog.
  • In Blogger, you get the extension for free, which is very popular.
  • You can also use custom domain in blogger for example – .com, .in, .org, etc.
  • In Blogger, you do not need to download any plugin, you can directly write title, meta description in your blog by going to your settings section.
  • In blogger, you get the option of custom redirect.
  • There are many free templates available for blogger that you can change and customize at any time in the theme section of your blog.
  • In blogger, you can create and change sitemap according to your own.
  • You can publish posts very easily in Blogger.
  • Blogger gives you many tools for free to write a post in Blogger.
  • In the post section of blogger, you get options like meta description, label, permalink, location, robot tags, image alt tag, post schedul which helps in ranking your post.
  • You can also earn money from your blog with the help of Adsense and if you want, you can also do affiliate marketing in your blog.
  • Blogger also gives you the option to back up your content.
  • If you want to shift from blogger to any other platform then you can be without any loss.

Now I think that you have come to know very well what are the benefits of Blogger, so let us now know how to start a blog in blogger.

How To Make A blog In Blogger

Creating your blog in Blogger is very easy, but you have to follow some steps to create a blog in Blogger, which i will tell you in the points below, just read the article completely.

Signup In Google And Create Your Google Account

To create a blog in blogger you need a google account because without google account you cannot create your blog in blogger, you have to follow some easy steps to create your account just click on the link and fill your information and create your account in few seconds, if you already have a google account then directly signup by going to blogger.

Sign up In Blogger

Now you go directly to the blogger’s homepage and sign in with your Google account.

Choose Profile In Blogger

Now you have signed in blogger, now in the next step blogger gives you the option to select profile, in which you have two options first google plus profile and second blogspot profile. You will have to select one of these and proceed towards the next step, I will suggest you to select a google plus profile.

Create Your Blog

After selecting the profile, you have come to the dashboard of blogger, now you have to directly click on the option of create blog and create your blog.

Select Title And Blog Address

After creating a blog, now you will go to another window in which you will have to choose your blog title and blog url, which is very important for your business because people will know your blog by the name of your blog title. Therefore, always put the name of your blog in the title wisely, but for some reason, if you ever want to change the name of your blog in the future, you can easily change it, do not panic.

Choose A Theme For Your Blog

Now after giving the title and url to your blog, now you have to choose the theme for your blog so that if people come to your blog, they do not feel useless and they read your blog post well. Do not take tension, many free themes are available for blogger, which you can use in your initial time and if you want, you can also use paid themes.

Note – I will suggest you that you should always use light weight theme in your blog so that the speed of your blog will be high and you always upload seo friendly theme in the blog.

Publish The Blog

Now your blog is ready to publish, just click on its done and then your blog will be live on the internet then you will be redirected directly to your blog dashboard in which you will get many options. One important thing is that your blog has gone live, it does not mean that now you start writing posts. To get a good traffic on your blog, you have to edit some settings in your blog, which is very important in the eyes of search engines.

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How To Create A Blog In Blogger

So let us now know how to do seo settings in a blog created in Blogger, just read this post completely, I sincerely hope that after reading this post you will understand everything.


In this image, you will be seeing the dashboard of the blog, in which you will be seeing many options on the left side, but we just have to do seo in our blog, so follow the steps given by me.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger

As you see in this image above, how I have edited and enabled the settings in my blog, you have to do this in the settings of your blog. Like for example, first of all you have to write upto 500 words about your blog, that means you have to tell about which topic your blog is about.

And keep in mind that in the privacy section of your blog settings, you have the option with visible to search engines turned on, if this option is turned off, then none of your posts will be shown by the search engines in their SERP (search engine result page). Make sure the option is on.

Blog security

Keep in mind that for your blog security, definitely turn on the option from http to https.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger

Post And Comment Settings

In this section, you will know how to stop spam in your comments. So first of all, go to your comments section and embedded it in your comment location, although this remains by default, but if it is not in your blog, then you should embedded it. And then in the who can comment option, you should always choose users with google accounts so that if people want to comment spam in your blog, then you can know about them who is doing.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger

One more thing, you should always keep comment moderation on in your blog so that if someone makes a negative comment in your blog, then you can delete it and unapprove it before it is published on the blog.

Optimized Search Visibility

So now you have come to the last step of optimizing your blog, in this section, you will optimize your search visibility so that you get a good ranking in search engines.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger

To fix your search visibility, you have to follow two steps, first of all, you have to add meta tags to your blog so that your blog ranks well in search engines, after that you have to make changes in the section of crawler and Indexing so that search engines’ bots can read and index your blog.

So let me tell you about these two options, how this makes your blog better by editing these two options.

So let’s begin…

Meta Tags

Meta tags, which you also call meta description, it is very important to follow this step because if you have noticed then every web page or website has a meta description. You must be thinking that why write meta tags, then let me tell you that meta description is also a part of seo and this would be a short summary of your blog and web page in which your keywords are also included.

Note – Keep in mind that whenever you write a meta description, keep in mind that about which your blog is about, write about it and do not write anything else and one main thing, your meta description should be of 150 characters and not more than that.

Crawlers And Indexing

The section of Crawler and Indexing is the most important in this entire post, so read carefully in the section of crawler and indexing. You will have to create a sitemap and upload custom robots .txt in it, if your robots .txt option is not showing, then enable custom robot .txt turn on the option and then upload your sitemap.

By adding a sitemap, search engines like google start indexing and ranking your blog in their SERP (Search Engines Result Page). But it depends on your content whether it will rank or not.

Note – If you are facing a problem in following the steps mentioned above, then do it by looking at the images but do not copy the words written in the images.

Now your blog has gone live very well in every search engine, just now it lacks a good theme and content, so keep reading the post further to know that.

How To Customize A Theme In Blogger

You can easily customize the theme of your blog in blogger, just you have to follow some simple steps. Before that, let me tell you what you can customize in the theme of your blog.

  • You can use any theme in your blog anytime whether it is free or paid.
  • You can also use the theme given by blogger for free.
  • You can easily customize the theme of your blog by clicking on Customize.
  • You can also customize your theme through Html.
  • You can also change your pages and main menu, footer, header by going to your layout section.
  • You can also customize the favicon.

So now you must have understood what you can change in your blog in blogger, so now let me tell you how to upload themes in blogger.

Let me tell you some steps that you have to follow to upload your themes, but before that, you know some important things, whenever you choose a theme, always choose seo friendly theme and a lightweight theme.

So let’s know what are those steps.

  1. Download the theme in XML file format for your blog.
  2. Go to the dashboard of your blog and click on the option of themes, then directly select your file and click on upload.

Congratulations, the theme has been uploaded to your blog and now your blog will be visible to your users with a professional look.

So now let’s move to the last step, which is the most important part in a blog, meaning without content, you will not be able to bring traffic to your blog, so now let’s take a little information about the content.

How To Write A Post In Blogger

Now you have to do some research to write a post, to write a high quality post so that it ranks easily in google. After researching your topic, you go directly to the dashboard of your blog and then go to the left side post section and click on new post and then a new tab will open to write your article, in which you can write and publish your first post.

I will suggest you that whenever you write your post, write it in 1500 plus words so that you can easily compete with your competitor.

One more thing, use your keywords well in your post and don’t do keyword stuffing in your article, and do well on page seo in your post so that your post does not have any problem in ranking.

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I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and all your questions would have been cleared that how to create a blog on blogger. Now I do not think that after reading this post, the question should come again in your mind, if it still comes, then you must read this post again and share it.

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