Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Step By Step Full Guide

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Step By Step Full Guide

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Step By Step Full Guide

Hello everyone, I know that still many people don’t know anything about affiliate marketing. According to yavbro research still, many people do search on google and other search engines how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners, if you are also one of those people, do not take tension, read this article till the end. In this guide, I have tried to tell you from the basics of affiliate marketing to the advanced things.

So let’s start but before that let me tell you what is affiliate marketing.

Content Table

1.What is affiliate marketing
2.How does affiliate marketing work
3.Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Your Business
4.How to start affiliate marketing
>Select your niche
>Choose a blogging platform
>Join the affiliate program
>Create a unique content
5.How to earn money with affiliate marketing
6.How to promote affiliate products

What Is Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a commission earning platform in which you earn money by promoting the products of other companies and generating sales. If you do not know, then let me tell you that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest earning online platforms.

I know you still have doubts, so now let’s try to understand a little better what is affiliate marketing. If you know even a little bit about blogging, then you all must know how crazy people are for adsense but let me tell you that in affiliate marketing you can earn more money than adsense.

Do not be surprised, I will clear the doubts of your mind that how you can earn more money in affiliate marketing than in Adsense. As you all know that google adsense runs ads on your blog and your revenue is generated from the clicks that come on that ads.

The affiliate works on two rules first CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and second CPL (cost-per-lead). If I tell these two rules in simple words, then if anyone clicks on your given affiliate link or sign up or buys something, then you get money for all these things. In short, after the user clicks on your affiliate link, whatever activity he will do, your revenue will be generated.

One main thing, before joining any affiliate program, you must read its privacy policy because every company has different rules.

I hope you have understood, so let’s move on now.

How does affiliate marketing work

Still many people do not know how affiliate marketing works, if you do not know then do not worry, in this guide yavbro will tell you how affiliate marketing works, just read this post till the end.

So let’s know in simple words how affiliate works, let’s say a man has created his affiliate account in an affiliate company, which you can also call affiliate program. After joining the program, he chose one of his products and started promoting it, note that many people make a mistake here that they start promoting any product. I will suggest you that you should not make such a mistake, on the topic on which your blog is, you should promote related products so that people trust you soon.

Now after promoting the product, any user who clicks on your affiliate link will go directly to the merchant’s site, which means the affiliate platform you have joined.

Users will go to affiliate websites and if they buy something from there then you get commission. But if for some reason the users forget to purchase on the site from your given affiliate link or they buy any other product. So you do not need to take tension because affiliate programs like amazon run their affiliate cookies that get stored in the user’s device.

Now you guys must be thinking what are cookies now, so let me tell you.

What Are Cookies

Cookies, which you can call a small size file which gets saved in your device when you click on any affiliate link, now you must be wondering what do they do, so let me tell you just read this post completely.

Let me understand you in simple words, whenever a user does not buy anything after clicking on the affiliate link, but if the user buys another product from the same website within 24 hours, you still get commission.

With this you will not lose and how many visitors are going to your merchant site from your affiliate links, all of which are also tracked by cookies which will be displayed in your affiliate dashboard.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Your Business

Affiliate marketing is an online money making platform from which you can earn money easily and in less time.

The biggest advantage of this marketing platform, i told you that you can earn more money in less time, just you have to follow the right strategies, for that join yavbro and read each and every post of it thoroughly.

So let me now tell you some reasons so that you can understand well what are the benefits of doing affiliate marketing.

  • Firstly, there is no risk in this because you have to bring organically traffic to your blog, many people think that marketing costs money, but let me tell you that some marketing is such in which you have to pay money. It is called PPC (pay per click) but you can do affiliate marketing for free and also in paid way if you have budget.
  • In the free method, you have to build your blog, in simple words, you have to create a platform where you can sell your affiliate products, in a paid way, you can promote your affiliate product with the help of google ads or facebook ads.
  • You can earn more money in less hard work, that too with the free method.

How to start affiliate marketing In Four Easy Steps

Everyone wants to do affiliate marketing in 2021 and want to earn money sitting from home but you do not know how to start affiliate marketing, how to create a blog on which platform to create and how to write a content, all the questions must be running in your mind. You guys read this post till the end, you will get the answer to all your questions.

I will tell you four steps how you can do affiliate marketing.

So let’s begin…

Select Your Niche

This is the first step to start a blog and it is very important because many people do not do keyword research well and they start working on the wrong niche in which their post does not rank, then those people become demotivated and then those people stop blogging.

This is a very big reason, that’s why people fail in blogging, even if you do not know in which niche you want to work, then let me tell you, first you decide your topic that you want in your blog. On which topic do you want to write. After that find the low competition keywords which you can target in your blog and bring a good traffic to your blog.

Choose Correct Blogging Platform

Although there is no shortage of blogging platforms in the world of the internet, but still you have to pay attention while choosing because all blogging platforms have some advantages and some disadvantages too. So let me tell you which platform should be used to create your blog.

  1. is a very popular platform, every blogger will suggest this platform choose you because in this platform you do not get to see any kind of limitation, in this platform your blog is completely in your hands. all you need is hosting and a domain to get started with this platform.

If you are also thinking of making your blog on this platform, then I have good news for you that you buy bluehost hosting, in which you get the one-year domain for free.

2. is also a very popular platform, this platform is a product of google itself. on this platform, you can start your own free blog in you get a free extension of like ( But in this free blog you get to see some limitation which is not right, I will suggest you make your blog on WordPress itself but if you have budget constraint then you can start with blogger but in i will suggest you connect a top-level domain in your blogger’s blog so that you can get easy ranking.

Join A Affiliate Program

Well, now many affiliate programs are available, but all have different terms and conditions regarding commissions, so whenever you join any affiliate program, first read its privacy policy so that you will know how much commission you will get.

Let me tell you about some trusted affiliate programs that you can join and earn a lot of money.

Click bank and amazon both these affiliate programs are both very popular for doing affiliate marketing, these programs give you a good commission on every sale and credit your money in your account on time.

Create Unique Content

Always publish unique content in your blog so that people come to your blog so that your sales can be generated. That’s why to keep in mind always write unique content so that people trust you and buy your suggested product.

The Main Tip for all of you – Whenever you write your blog post, always tries to cover only the things related to your topics in your post and use as little of your main keyword as possible.

How To Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Earning money from affiliate marketing is easy and difficult too, just you should know to use the right techniques because no business runs without strategies and techniques, so beginners always make mistakes, and then they fail in affiliate marketing.

Therefore, I will tell you what strategies you have to make to be successful in affiliate marketing.

  • First of all, find a product that people are buying a lot.
  • After that, you write a review of that product in your blog and if you have a budget then use ads so that your products are sold quickly.
  • Always targeting your audience and always mailing them for your new products.
  • Always be patient because you have bigger competitors in this field who are more experienced than you.
  • Use new techniques.
  • Use social media to increase your sales.

If you follow all these points then you will soon see changes in your revenue.

How To Promote Affiliate Products

How To Promote Affiliate Products

The most important thing in affiliate marketing is promotion because without promoting you cannot earn money in this marketing, so I will tell you how you can promote your products in an organic and paid way.

  • Organic – First of all, let’s talk about organic, in order to bring sales from organic traffic, you have to publish unique content in your blog, in which you will write a blog post on a proper product review and publish it. And you can also use social media traffic to increase sales.
  • Paid – With this method, you can bring more sales with less effort because you can use your ads campaign in it. You can use Google ads to run ads and also Facebook ads, both these ads platforms are very popular for ads campaign.

My Thoughts

Everyone keeps searching on Google, how to earn money online, if you are also one of those people, read this topic how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, this blog post is for you, and start affiliate marketing today because you can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

If you liked this post, then do give your views in the comment section and also share this post.

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